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  • 3 Common Rigging Tool Accessories

    In the lifting and rigging industry, there are a lot of specializations – everything from types of cargo all the way to the specific industry that utilizes lifting and rigging as part of their business. There’s something to be said about the diversity of the lifting and rigging community. One thing is for certain though,… Continue Reading

    Common Rigging and Lifting Questions

    We’ve covered a lot of topics on the blog over the last few months, but every now and then it’s good to get back to the basics. This post is going to be for those readers who are relatively new to the world of lifting and rigging and have questions about the basics – everything… Continue Reading

    Industry Spotlight: Marine Lifting and Rigging

    One of the major industries that uses lifting and rigging equipment on a regular basis is the marine industry – primarily large shipping companies and offshore oil and gas development. The tools and materials supplied by lifting and rigging manufacturers like Bairstow are used to help move the world of commerce and international shipping and… Continue Reading

    Importance of Re-certifying You Equipment and Re-training for Your Lifting Operators

    All successful lifting and rigging operators are marked by their ability to manage their equipment and keep their personnel experienced and up to date on the latest standards. That task involves the consistent re-certification of all their equipment and the consistent retraining of their lifting and rigging operators. From massive corporations to smaller, more boutique… Continue Reading

    Wire Rope Corrosion

    Meet steel wire rope’s greatest nemesis: corrosion. Corrosion is the natural degradation of metals due to environmental conditions such as oxygen, moisture, and other chemicals. Steel is a long-lasting material, but it will succumb to natural processes over time. In particular, salt water environments will speed up the corrosion of wire ropes over time. The… Continue Reading

    Manufacturer Spotlight: Peerless Industrial Group

    Peerless Industrial Group is an American manufacturing company based out of Winona, Minnesota, that has been manufacturing products for overhead lifting and cargo control since 1971. They are known for their superior consumer and industrial products, including chain slings, custom hooks, overhead lifting devices, industrial hardware chains, as well as chains and accessories for marine… Continue Reading

    Types of Sling Hitches Used in Lifting

    We’ve covered the equipment regularly used in lifting and rigging operations at length her on the Bairstow blog. Not it’s time to devote some of our energy to the techniques used when lifting a load using wire rope slings. Your lifting hitch is used to attach your load to the lifting apparatus, and there are… Continue Reading

    Types of Web Slings

    Web slings are a unique tool used often in the lifting and rigging industry to manage the lifting of fragile or delicate loads. They’re typically constructed of synthetic nylon and polyester, so that their surface isn’t corrosive, destructive, or caustic to their load. Additionally, their material construction allows for flexibility – a 6-8% stretch rate… Continue Reading

    Online Learning Resources for Rigging and Lifting Training

    Lifting and rigging training is essential for any industry that requires the use of heavy equipment to move big loads. From industrial, to construction, to manufacturing, to aerospace, to marine and marine construction, adequate training will keep you in business and your employees safe. Below, we’ve put together a list of a few great resources… Continue Reading

    Manufacturer Spotlight: Rope Block Manufacturers

    Blocks are key components to most lifting operations. Composed of a circular sheave, two end plates attached by a pin or bolt, and a top hook attachment, rope blocks help operators position and hoist their loads. Blocks are typically used by connecting them to a secure attachment (i.e. an anchor on a top beam) and… Continue Reading